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Alexey Osipov was born in St.Petersburg, Russia in 1993. He graduated from the Special music school of St.Petersburg Conservatory (classes of Vladimir Ovcharek and Vera Dobrinina), followed by Bachelor and Master diplomas with Pierre Amoyal in Lausanne. Alexey is currently studying with Svetlana Makarova at the Conservatoire de Lausanne – HEMU in Switzerland. Alexey Osipov participates in many world-famous Russian and International music festivals such as Vladimir Spivakov festival in Moscow (year 2008, 2009), “Kissinger Sommer” festival in Bad Kissingen, Germany (years 2003 - 2009), Abu Dhabi Classics concert season. He regularly performs in Big and Small Philharmonic Halls, St.Petersburg State Capella, Jusupov Palace, Glasunov Hall of St.Petersburg Conservatory, Rimsky-Korsakov museum and many other concert halls of St.Petersburg. Alexey plays concerts in Holland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and USA. In the last decade he has won violin competitions throughout Europe.




They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Alexey Osipov. An inspirational artist, Alexey Osipov has earned their reputation as a talented musician and skillful performer. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, Alexey Osipov continues to touch fans around the world with their distinct and enjoyable musical style. Explore the site and check out their music below.


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